Delivery Transfer Trips

We will be driving through the western Mediterranean from Athens in November 2020.
Catania, Cagliari, Mallorca, Malaga and Gran Canaria. Then it goes across the Atlantic to the Caribbean on Martinique Le Marin.

In spring 2021 we will start the return journey from Nassau via Bermuda and the Azores.

Other legs such as from the Azores to Lisbon, Lisbon to Malaga, Naples to Athens will be on our itinerary later in the year.

Overpasses are a great way to gain ocean-going experience and miles for further training. Astronavigation using Sunrise, compass adjustment using Polarstern, passage map, starry nights lie ahead as we glide silently through the water.

We also offer to ride as a co-skipper to earn the necessary spurs to do this tour yourself at some point.

A great and unique experience you should have had.

Your team from CS-Sailing looks forward to welcoming you on board.