The Cyclades / Saronic Gulf

Summer 2020 will be the Bavaria 50, starting from Lavrion (southern Athens) weekly trips
And offer private charters before continuing on from October 31, 2020 with the Beneteau 50 to our Mediterranean and Caribbean cruises until the end of October 2021.

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The Cyclades Islands are located south of Athens between Lavrion in the north and Santorini in the south.
To name just a few …Kea, Kythnos, Serifos, Sifnos, Syros, Milos, Antiparos, Paros, Naxos, Ios…
Consequently, a lot of space and anything but crowded, which makes the Cyclades the ideal area for relaxation and the best sailing area in the entire Mediterranean. The wind and weather conditions are ideal, the meltemi, which blows vigorously in the summer months, ensures pleasant cooling and ideal sailing conditions.

The route starts in Lavrion and can be easily reached by taxi from Athens Airport in 30 minutes. We are happy to organize pick-up service for you individually.

The islands and their peculiarities

The landscape of Kea is attractive – mostly mountainous and in some places even rocky-steep – but fertile and quite green in many places. Between the stony hills there are pretty valleys with cypresses, oaks and olive groves. A number of orchards are cultivated here by the locals and shape the landscape in the Kea valleys. Incidentally, wine is also grown here on the slopes and enjoys a very good reputation.

The main town on Serifos is only 2 km from the port in Livadi. As everywhere in the Cyclades, the old place is in the mountains, because in earlier times it was better to protect yourself from pirates. For many connoisseurs, it is the most beautiful place in the Cyclades – the classic architecture of the houses and the village are particularly impressive. There are two museums in the Chora of Serifos: the small local museum and the archaeological museum with exhibits from the ancient Greek and Roman times. Entry is free in both.

The Greek Cyclade island of Sifnos in the southern Aegean is still very original and traditional and largely spared from the effects of mass tourism, even if the small, only 15 km long and 7 km wide island is visited by many sun-hungry travelers, especially in the summer months. she managed to keep her cozy character.

There is a lot to discover on Parosder. The island’s capital Parikia and the old fishing port Naoussa are among the most beautiful places in the Cyclades. In a tangle of narrow streets you walk past whitewashed houses and small churches with bright blue domes.
On the coastline you can find all variations from rocky, inaccessible cliffs to beaches with soft, white sand. Bays sheltered from the wind, beautiful beaches and rolling hills in a charming play of colors with the brilliant white of the houses and the blue water.

If the Meltemi were too strong, the departure port Lavrion also offers us the opportunity to switch to the Saronic Gulf. The Saronic Gulf is protected by Attica (the peninsula), at the southern tip of which is the Temple of Poseidon, and there are no less beautiful destinations than in the Cyclades.

The small volcanic island of Poros near Athens is a popular holiday destination, especially during the summer months. Due to its romantic location, the Greek island of Poros is very popular with families with children. Due to its proximity to the state capital Athens, the island is perfect for various day trips.
The island of Poros is covered with numerous pine trees on the small hills and around the beaches. The city of the same name is Poros on the smaller peninsula Sferia. Built on a multitude of small hills, the entire harbor can be seen from here.
The Greek island of Poros has a variety of fine sandy and stony beaches. A large number of beaches are located on the south coast of Kalavria. The sea on the beaches is relatively calm as there are many small protected bays here. So the holiday guests can really switch off and relax on their vacation by the sea in Poros.

There are some interesting sights on Aegina. The archaeological excavations and a monastery are particularly popular with holidaymakers. Aegina is the ideal island for tourists who want to spend their vacation in Athens and take a day trip to a Greek island. Many Athenians also come to Aegina for a day, especially on weekends. Then the island is overcrowded. If you have the choice, you should better visit Aegina during the week. It is worth staying on the island for a few days, there is a lot to discover in Aegina.

There is no airport and no cars on Hydra. Instead, the Greek island attracts with a lot of art and cultural celebrities. However, the lifestyle remains cheerful and relaxed. More than good reasons to visit this picturesque island and the main town.

But no matter which route we take, however strong or weak the wind will be, there is more than enough time for shore excursions to get to know the country and people who are incredibly warm. Dinner in secluded bays and family restaurants are always an exceptional experience.
The route planning is always discussed individually and personally with the guests in order to meet all needs and expectations.

Please do not hesitate to talk to us about an individual route planning which we would be happy to offer you on a full or private charter.
Your team from CS-Sailing looks forward to welcoming you on board !